Would you like to be part of the Eid in Bedford experience? It’s our Eid so why not pitch in?

One the day support

  • Come and experience for yourself how we build the park into a carnival
  • Help us put up the banners, the decorations, the stalls and setup up the various stations.

Information and help desk

  • Help lost children find their parents
  • Look after our congregation

Traffic management

  • We need to keep the traffic moving so people are not late!
  • Show people where the drop off points are and redirect motorists to car parks

Meet and greet

  • Meet and greet our fellow brothers and sisters as they arrive
  • Be the first to wish them an Eid Mubarak and show them around the park

First Aid

  • Maybe you’re a trained first aider, or a qualified professional in the medical field?
  • Why not be on stand-by in case we need any extra help?
If you’ve got experience, then brilliant. If not, don’t let that stop you. We’ll give you the training that you need to help make every Eid a special one.

You don’t need to work one long shift. We will have many teams throughout the day. Maybe you can only do the morning or maybe you’re free in the evening?
Whatever help you want to give for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa’tala – we’re happy to receive it.

Please contact islambedford@gmail.com or call: +44 (0)7990866500

Be part of the biggest Eid festival that Bedford has ever known!